Drivafossen (Eresfjord)

Drivafossen is a low volume waterfall near Eresfjord, More og Romsdal, Norway.

On the way to the Eikesdalen with many huge waterfalls the Drivafossen showed up just behind the Eresfjord kirkje: a beautiful picture. The Drivafossen is a waterfall over 400 meters high in the river Driva and is an unofficial named waterfall.

July 2017 I want to check out the waterfall again but this time the waterfall was a little bit dissapointing. Best view on Drivafossen is from the bridge in Eresfjord, at road 660 driving to Eidsvag.

Next to the Drivafossen there is another waterfall in the river strandelva, called Strandfossen, but I couldn’t see it at my last visit. This waterfall can be viewed from the shore of the fjord in Ersefjord: view here.

Nearby is the Eikesdalen. The most famous waterfall in the Eikesdalen is the Mardalsfossen. With a single drop of 250 meters and an overall height of 705 meters a must to see. Next to the Mardalsfossen is almost a similar watefall (in name), the Ytste Mardalsfossen with a height over 400 meters.
Other waterfalls nearby are the: Aurstaupetfossen, , BreimegåfossenHøvlafossenKjøtåafossenRamnåafossen, Slaettabakken and the Tverrgrovafossen.

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About Drivafossen (Eresfjord)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionMøre og Romsdal
Best visitEarly summer

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Ramnaafossen 31 km

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