Drosjafossen or Drøsja is a big unknown waterfall at Leirhol, Vang in the region Oppland, Norway.

Driving from Ryfoss to Vang (road E16) Drosjafossen is hard to miss. At the other side of the lake Vangsmjøse you already can see from a big distance a big waterfall plunging down the mountain.

It doesn’t matter to much from which angel you look to Drosjafossen, from all sides it stays a nice waterfall. The river Drøsja plunges down, in two major stage, over more then 290 meter where the biggest drop has a single fall of appr. 95 meter.

I have seen pictures of several seasons and always Drosjafossen had a significant volume. I was at Drosjafossen July 2017 and the waterfall was quit nice to see. yet I think early summer is the best time for visiting the waterfall, regarding the volume.

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About Drosjafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationLeirhol, Vang

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