Sputrefossen, also called Givrisfossen, is a great waterfall near Vang in the region Oppland, Norway.

Sputrefossen is located near road E16 between Vang and Nesset. Best way to get to Sputrefossen is following the signs Slettefjellvegen. Follow the road (and the signs Slettefjellvegen) for 4 kilometer until you see at the left a red tollroad house. Here begins the Slettefjellvegen. Now there are 2 things you can do:
– pay 70 nok to drive up to Sputrefossen for 850 meter to a bend in the road where you can park the car
– or walk up 850 meter to the beginning of the path (at the parking spot), elevation: 85 meter

SputrefossenBecause I wanted to see a lot of more waterfalls, during my Norway trip July 2017, I drove up and paid for the 70 nok. The weather was fine and you only have to walk for a 200 meter (5 minutes) before you have a good look on Sputrefossen.

The path is easy to walk on and elevation is only 20 meter. Unfortunately (but logical) there is a fence between the path and the ravine. Although it is only a 40 meter drop, to the river, it is quit dangerous. Again it is also too bad because you can’t see the bottom of the ravine.

The lower part of the river Rysna drops down over 40 meters and splits up in two waterfalls. The left drop is the biggest. There is also an upper part of Sputrefossen and in total the height of Sputrefossen is over 130 meter. I did measure the height but forgot to take notes…

There are several viewpoints along the path where you have a good look on Sputrefossen. I like the viewpoint where you can see the mountain tops at the Hensfallet at the background and Sputrefossen in the foreground.

The morning or midday is a good time to visit Sputrefossen. The waterfall is falling towards the east and late in the evening you will have a lot of backlight (not perfect for taking pictures).

SputrefossenSputrefossen is fed by melted snow from the river Rysna. The source of river Rysna is located in the Rysnadalen where several lakes (the highest on 1600 meters) feeds the river with water.

There aren’t many big waterfalls in the Vang area but Ryfoss along road E36 is nice to see. More information about activities in the Vang/Valdres area can be found here.

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CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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