Espelandsfossen (Espelandsdalen-Granvin)

Espelandsfossen is a great waterfall near Granvin in the region Hordaland, Norway.

There are several waterfalls with the name Espelandsfossen. This one is situated in the Espelandsdalen between Ulvik and Granvin (R572) and plunges down in the Espelandsvatnet. The waterfall is visible from the roadside.

There is a small parking along the road used by a kind couple that ownes the holiday house when walking towards Espelandsfossen.

From the parking a small sign points to Espelandsfossen (at the east side of the river). In a few minutes you reach the holiday house, keep left here. Soon you will arrive at a hill with a tremendous view on Espelandsfossen. It is difficult to approach Espelandsfossen because you get very very wet.

The stream is quite powerful and water splashes up right in the camera. I visited Espelandsfossen twice and the last time, July 2016, was the best.

The flow can vary but in the early summer or in summertime Espelandsfossen reaches its maximum volume. The river flows from Trollavatnet which is partially frozen all year.

It is also possible (easier) to walk towards Espelelandsfossen from the west side of the river, following the river. But this point of view isn’t so impressive compared to the view at the other side of the river.

Espelandsfossen is together with Skorvefossen and Skjervefossen one of the main attractions in the area of Granvin.

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About Espelandsfossen (Espelandsdalen-Granvin)

RiverX (Espelandsvatnet)
Best visitEarly summer

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