(Faltenbach wasserfälle)

Faltenbachtobel wasserfallThe Faltenbachtobel (or Faltenbach wasserfälle) is a series of cascades (3 main drops) with a total height of approximately 180 meters and a biggest single drop of 17 meters.

The Faltenbachtobel is located in the village of Oberstdorf in the region Bayern, Germany.

The Faltenbachtobel can be reached from the parking at the Schattenbergschanze, a ski jump arena which is being part of the famous 4 schanzen tournee held around New Year. In summertime it is not possible to drive up by car to the Schattenburgschanze. You can park your car at the lower parking, near the bridge (gps 47.403991, 10.288281).

From the parking it is a 5-10 to the entrance of the Schattenburgschanze. Go left and walk from behind up the Schanzenstrasse for a few minutes until you see the lower part of the Faltenbachtobel in the first bend of the road. Walk up the path to the base of the Faltenbachtobel. This is the drop with the highest single drop waterfall, 17 meters.

From here you can walk up along the river Faltenbach (Faltenbachtobel wanderweg). A very nice walk up with numerous smaller waterfalls.  If you want you can walk up to the Seealpe at 1.300 meter and the Nebelhorn mountain at 1.900 meter.

There are actually two bigger drops, the first one at the start and an artificial drop at the end of 27 meters high. In between a lot of nice small waterfalls. When I visited the Faltenbachtobel July 2020 I stopped at the upper waterfall, the artificial one. This was a walk of 20 minutes (one way) with stairs and a well maintained path. The walk is also suitable for children but the path is almost all the time ascending.

The Faltenbachtobel is a nice waterfall that best can be visited late spring or early summer.

There are two other very nice waterfalls located near Oberstdorf. One in the Oytal, the Stuibenfall and one near Gerstruben, the beautiful Hölltobel wasserrfall. Both worthwhile visiting.

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About Faltenbachtobel

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
Best visitSpring-early summer

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