Fiskonfallet is a nice waterfall west of Saxnäs (Vilhelmina) in the region Västerbottens län, Sweden.

Near Vilhelmina (along road E45) take the exit to Saxnäs (87 km). Arrived in Saxnäs you have to drive further for another 6 kilometer until you see a white sign pointing left with “Fiskonfallet”. Park the car at the parking at the end of the dust road.

From the parking it is only a 5 minute walk, along the river, to Fiskonfallet. Fiskonfallet has a nice shape and is located in a gorgeous surrounding. The water of Fiskonbäcken slides down over appr 6 meter.

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About Fiskonfallet

CountryWaterfalls in Sweden
LocationSaxnäs, Vilhelmina
RiverFiskonbäcken, Fäskoenjohke
Best visitEarly summer, summer

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