(Flesefossen, Flesafossen)

Flesaafossen (officially written as Flesåafossen and sometimes named Flesefossen or Flesafossen) is a big waterfall near Brattland, north of Nesflaten (Suldal) in the region Rogaland, Norway.

Flesåafossen (Flesåna) - parkingFlesåafossen is a quit unknown waterfall located along road r13 when driving from Suldal to Roldal. At the end of the Suldalsvatnet it is a 6,2 kilometer drive from Nesflaten to Flesåafossen. You can’t miss the parking and waterfall.

With good weather it is a nice place for a picnic and a perfect spot to play with children. From the parking you have a great view but you can also walk down to the river for another kind of view. Flesåafossen has a consistent flow but it is late spring or early summer on its best, regarding the volume.

I love the looks of Flesåafossen, an amazing waterfall with a large range of colors and a beautiful scenery. I visited Flesåafossen twice in July, one time in 2007 with beautiful weather and one time with rain in 2016. In ten years time a lot changed, especially the parking and toilet.

Flesåafossen (Flesåna) - heightIt is funny to see that the waterfall hasn’t changed in 10 years time. The first three pictures are taken 10 years earlier then the rest. Even the trees in the middle didn’t grew much.

Flesåafossen is appr 160 meter high and is fed by melted snow drained from a serie of lakes at the east side of Suldalsheiane which ends in the river Flesåa. The waterfall is higher then the pictures show. Take a closer look at the person in front of the waterfall, then you notice the grandeur of Flesåafossen.

Flesåafossen falls towards the north/northeast and for taking pictures the morning and noon is the best time.

The name Flesåafossen comes from an old cottage used for farming in the area of Trones in Brattlandsdalen called Fleso. Fleso means «where the grass nearly gets above the water when the water gets high».

Locals use the name Flesåno for the river, but on maps you see the name Flesåna. The original name is difficult to determine but this probably is «Flesefossen».
Information about the name provided by the Ryfylke Museum.

Other great waterfalls nearby are Langfoss and Låtefossen, but there are so many fabulous waterfalls north of Flesåafossen, to many to mention them all. Langfoss and Låtefossen are the most beautiful (and famous) ones.

If you want to do other activies then waterfall spotting, then you can explore the website of Suldal with a lot of suggestions.

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About Flesaafossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationBrattland, Suldal
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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