Flokofallet is a nice 32 meter high waterfall in the river Flokoa, near Vingrom and Lillehammer in the region Oppland, Norway.

Flokkofallet can be reached on two ways:

  1. A 800 meter walk (15-20 minutes) starting from a parking near Vingrom. From the roundabout in Vingrom go west and drive onto a road called Rinnavegen or Burmavegen. Drive on for appr 7 kilometer until you see a sign Flokofallet. It is a private road so I think you have to pay toll.
    Park the car somewhere here (61.076146, 10.330124). You have to cross the river, so take your rubber boots with you.
  2. The other option (which most people do) is park the car along road 250 near the trailhead that leads to Flokkofallet (gps 61.05773, 10.33603). From here it is a little over 2 km (30 minutes)

Flokkofallet is a really beautiful waterfall with a drop of 32 meter. What makes Flokofallet beautiful is its shape and wide.

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About Flokofallet

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitSpring, early summer

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