Gartl wasserfall

(Gartlbach wasserfall)

The Gartl wasserfall is a beautiful but unknown waterfall south of Heiligenblut (not far from the famous Jungfernsprung) near the village Döllach (Großkirchheim) in the region Kärnten, Austria.

When driving on road B107 you have to drive to the village of Döllach. Here you have to park your car. There is a parking west of the main road in Döllach, a little towards to the river (gps 46.971405, 12.893726). From the end of the parking a small path runs to the bridge over the river Möll. This is the trailhead to the waterfall.

From the suspension bridge it is an easy flat walk of 1 km (15-20 min). Only the last part to the base of the Gartl wasserfall has a little ascent. The trail is very nice with wooden bridges and natural looking viewpoints.

The lower Gartl wasserfall has a single drop of 60 meters and can be very powerful in May-June. Although the Gartl wasserfall isn’t the highest waterfall in the region of the Grossglockner, it it certainly a visit worthwhile.

Nice to know is that the surrounding of the Gartl wasserfall has its own micro climate. A private clinic did a research after the effect of the small waterdrops on the health of people. The conclusion was that a stay of 1 hour, three days in a row, has positive effect on people with astma and burnouts. Maybe you can try!

There is also a smaller waterfall upstream of the river Gartlbach you can’t see from the lower waterfall.

Best time to visit the Gartl wasserfall is in the morning. Best season to visit the Gartl wasserfall is early summer (June).

There are many waterfalls in the Grossglockner region but close by you can find the most famous and I think also the most beautiful waterfall the Jungfernsprung: a must to visit.

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About Gartl wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationDöllach/Großkirchheim-Natonal park Hohe Tauern
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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