Globoski Slap

(Slap Globoški)

Slap Globoški is a gorgeous waterfall near Žaga (Bovec) in the region Tolmin, Slovenia.

Globoški potok is a beautiful green gorge with majestic waterfalls, overgrown with dark green moss. The Globoški potok stream descends from below Skutnik above the narrow basins of the Učja River and forms numerous waterfalls. Highlight is a 80 meter waterfall plunging down in three stages.

Slap Globoški is located close to the famous slap Boka. From Boka drive south to Kobarid on road 206. After 1.5 kilometer you will arrive in Žaga. Park the car near the bridge over the river Učja (blue sign). The trail starts at the pizzeria at the north side of the river, follow the signs S1a.

Google map displays the trail very well: keep walking straight ahead at a crossing and you will see slap Globoški in appr. 30 minutes (1,7 km). There is also an upper waterfall in the river Globoški, but this one isn’t very impressive.

Slap Globoški on the other hand is a 40 meter high waterfall plunging down in two major stages. Upstream the river Globoški keeps cascading. That’s why canyoning in the Globoški gorge is very popular, because of the numerous small cascades.

Best time to visit the waterfall is in springtime or after heavy rainfall. I think the stream almost run dry in summertime and fall.

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About Globoski Slap

RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationŽaga, Tolmin
RiverGloboški potok (Učja)
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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