The Handeggfall, or Handeckfall, is a 35 meter high twinfall in the River Aare and Arlenbach, south of Meiringen, near Guttanen (Haslital) in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

From Brienz drive to Meiringen and further to Innerkirchen and Guttanen. After Guttanen and after the tunnel there is a big parking at the left side of the road (gps 46.612663, 8.306573). From here you can walk to the amazing Handeckfall bridge, a suspension bridge.

The Handeckfall bridge was built in 2006. It connects hotel Handeck with the bottom station of the Gelmerbahn funicular and crosses over the Handeggfall. After crossing the suspension bridge and enjoying the looks of the Handeggfall you can take the Gelmerbahn up, to lake Gelmersee on an altitude of 1.848 meter.

I like the looks of the two waterfalls falling in a deep canyon with a suspension bridge above. After carving its way through the Aare Gorge, the stream is joined by the Aerlenbach and plunges from a height of 45 meter, into a cauldron.

There are several other waterfalls in the area, near Meiringen and Brienz. Two waterfalls you don’t want to miss is the famous Reichenbachfall in Meiringen and  the 391 meter high Giessbachfälle near Brienz.

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About Handeggfall

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RegionBerner Oberland
LocationInnertkirchen, Grimselpass-Haslital
RiverAare, Arlenbach
Best visitEarly summer

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