(Henrikafossen, Brudesløret)

Henrikkafossen (Henrikafossen), also called Brudesløret by locals, is a big waterfall in the Spansdalen near Lavangen in the region Troms, Norway. From Narvik it is only a one hour drive.

Henrikkafossen (Henrikafossen) is situated along road 84, four kilometer southeast of Tennevol at the south side of the valley. You already have a good view on the waterfall from the roadside.

We visited Henrikkafossen August 2018. Although it is a very high waterfall it didn’t impress me that much. It is a waterfall you can view from the roadside, maybe some closer but that is it…

It is also possible to walk to the top of the waterfall, a steep trail going to an altitude of 590 meter above sealevel. The trail (4,6 km) starts near Moen, a small hamlet northeast of Henrikkafossen. At the roadside there is a sign “Moen”, at a bridge. Go over the bridge and drive to Moen. In Moen you can go left heading back in the direction of Henrikkafossen. I am not sure how far you can drive and if there is a parking at the end of the road.

The river Saraelva drops down appr 250 meter in a single drop but continues falling over another 200 meters. In total the Henrikkafossen in 450 meter high, the biggest waterfall in the north of Norway. Henrikkafossen is an official named waterfall.

Best time to see the Henrikkafossen in all its glory is in summertime when the temperatures are rising and there is a lot of melting water coming down from the Spanstiden mountain (1.457 meter) and the Slettfjallet.

There aren’t many waterfalls in the area of Henrikkafossen. Only (unofficial named) waterfalls I have seen was on Lofoten. Maybe Målselvfossen near Bardufoss is worthwhile a visit, but this waterfall didn’t impress me that much.

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About Henrikkafossen

Height250m +450m
Best visitSummer

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