Målselvfossen is a powerful waterfall in the north of Norway near Bardufoss in the region Troms. The river Målselva drops down over 10 meters, in two steps, with a great power.

Målselvfossen is located east of Bardufoss in the region Troms, Norway. From Bardufoss take road E6 to the south for a short while and soon take road 87 to the east towards Rundhaug. After 7,5 kilometer there is a left turn to the Målselvfossen (road Fv175), there are signs for the Målselvfossen. Just for you reached Feriesenter Målselvfossen you will have a view on the waterfall from the top. After 2,8 kilometer you have reached Feriesenter Målselvfossen where you can park your car.

The waterfall can easily be reached by foot. From the parking a path leads down to Målselvfossen. There are several viewpoint from the path. At the lower part of the falls there are facilities for a picnic.

We stayed at a cabin august 2018 but I can’t really recommend it. The cabins are expensive, the interior was old, tv was broke and so on…. Food at the restaurant wasn’t also that good. If you want to overnight at the site you also better ask where your cabin is located. Further down the road there are also several cabins at a camping site. On the way you also have a nice view on Målselvfossen.

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