Høllandsfossen is a 25 meter high waterfall in Sauda, in the region Rogaland, Norway.

When driving from Sauda citycentre to the Åbødalen you soon will see Høllandsfossen at the right side of the road, just after a school.

Here the river Storelva jump down over 25 meter in three steps. The largest single drop is 15 meter. Høllandsfossen is a nice waterfall to see, falling down under an ancient stone bridge out of 1860.

Walking a little bit downstream you will have a good view on the waterfall plunging underneath the bridge.

There are many waterfalls in the proximity of Sauda. At the end of the Åbødalen you can visit the Fossdalsfossen, a nice 60 meter high waterfall. Along the Saudafjorden (road 520) there are two huge waterfalls you have to visit; Svandalsfossen, a powerful waterfall with a height off 145 meter and Hangandvikfossen, a nice 155 meter high waterfall. Both easy to reach.

These are only three waterfalls near Sauda, but there are many more: here is a small list.

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About Hollandsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer

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Svandalsfossen 8 km

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