(Brudeslöret, Brudesløret, Hongavikfossen)

Honganvikfossen (also written as Hongavikfossen and known as Brudesløret by locals) is a fine waterfall south of Sauda in the region Rogaland, Norway. The area where the waterfall is located is also called Ryfylke.

One of the main attractions in Norway is the Preikestolen in the Lysefjorden. A lot of people drive north on road Rv13 heading to the touristic area near Odda and Voss. It is an option to take the ferry at Sand and then drive further on road Rv520.  This road leads along several nice, unknown and surprising waterfalls.

Honganvikfossen, BrudesloretAlong the Saudafjorden you will drive by Honganvikfossen, 10 kilometer before Sauda. It is hard to miss this 155 meter high waterfall. Already from a far distance (if you are coming from Sand) you see Honganvikfossen plunging down.

The waterfall is located at the Honganviktunnelen. It is almost impossible to park a car at the right side before entering the tunnel but a few hundred meters before the tunnel it is more safe to park a car. It is also possible to park the car at the end of the tunnel. Then you have to walk back to the southside of the tunnel, along the Saudafjorden.

Honganvikfossen, BrudesloretThere is a pedestrian/biking road going along the waterfall and you can photograph the waterfall from several kinds of viewing points. Still my favorite viewpoint is not near the waterfall but from a few hundred meters back (south) form the roadside.

Honganvikfossen is not a very powerful waterfall but enough to be quit impressive. With a height of 155 meter Honganvikfossen is one of the bigger waterfalls in Rogaland. If you count in the upper part of the river the total height might be even higher, over 300 meter.

Honganvikfossen is fed with melted snow from the mountains at the west side of the Saudafjorden. The drainage area is big and there are several lakes that feeds Honganvikfossen: Nussvatnet, Svartavatnet, Stolsvatnet and the Storavatnet.

The waterfall Honganvikfossen is named after the Hamlet Honganvik near the base of the waterfall.

Svandalsfossen, Sauda(fjorden), RogalandA few kilometer further on road Rv520, heading to Sauda, you will find an even more majestic waterfall, Svandalsfossen, a very powerful waterfall with an amazing manmade iron construction from which you walk towards the base of the waterfall.

There are many other nice waterfalls worthwhile to visit in the area of Sauda. A list of waterfalls in the Sauda region you can find here.

More information about the Sauda region can be found on the website of VisitNorway.

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About Honganvikfossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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