Kesselfall (Bockstein)

The Kesselfall is one of the many waterfalls at the Gasteiner Alpenstrasse when heading to Sportgastein in the region Salzburg, Austria. The Kesselfall is the first waterfall that comes across and can be found at the right side of the road (3,6 kilometers from Bochstein), just after the Astenalm.

From the Gasteiner Alpenstrasse you already see the Kesselfall when the road approaches the river Nessfelder Ache. The Kesselfall drops down aprr. 30 meters underneath an old bridge (the old road). The bridge was built during the first world war by russian war prisoners.

The river Nessfelder Ache falls towards the North-northeast and the best viewpoint is north of the old bridge where you can see the Kesselfall in front. There is (sometimes) still snow in summertime at the bottom of the Kesselfall because there is hardly any sun over there. Best time to visit the Kesselfall is midday in the early summer.

Nearby there are also three other beautiful waterfalls; Bad Gasteinerfall, Schleierfall and the Barenfall.

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About Kesselfall (Bockstein)

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationBockstein/Sportgastein- Gasteiner tal
RiverNassfelder ache
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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