Kitzlochklamm wasserfall

The Kitzlochklamm wasserfall is one of the best waterfalls to visit if you like gorges. The Kitlochklamm is a gorge with a length of 1500 meters and a height over 100 meter. Traveling through the gorge takes you along a trail of wooden stairs, plateaus and paths along the steep gorge.

The Kitzlochklamm wasserfall is situated near the village Taxenbach, along road 311, in the region Salzburg, Austria. The Kitzlochklamm is one of the many gorges that can be visited in Austria, but this one a little more touristic but also one of the gorgeous ones.

The gorge was formed thousand of years ago by the river Rauriser Ache and the Kitzlochklamm wasserfall is a really nice waterfall to see with a height of appr 50 meters.

The river Rauriser Ache flows from the south to the north. Best time to visit the Kitzlochklamm wasserfall is at midday when there is enough light to enjoy the gorge.

We were at the Kitzlochklamm wasserfall in May and the flow of the waterfall was quit respectable, but I have read of people that the flow in May can still be low. Best season to visit the Kitzlochklamm wasserfall is from early summer until summertime when there is a lot of snow melting down the mountains.

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About Kitzlochklamm wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverRauriser ache
Best visitSummer

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