(Kjelsfossen, Kjelfoss)

Kjelfossen (Kjelsfossen) - GudvangenKjelfossen is one of the highest waterfalls in Norway located in Gudvangen/Aurland, just in front of the tunnel at the Shell station and can be viewed from road E16. You also have a good view from Gudvangen camping site.

With an overall height of 755 meter Kjelfossen is even one of the highest waterfalls in in the world, belonging to the top 20. The tallest single drop is 149 meter.

When viewing the waterfall you will notice three major streams. According to the map the left one is the real Kjellfossen (with the biggest stream), but in general all falls together are mentioned as Kjelfossen. Kjelfossen is also called Kjelsfossen or Kjelfoss and is an official named waterfall.

The best time to visit Kjelfossen is June or early July when there is a lot of snow melting from the mountains that feeds the river Kjelfossgrovi and Kjelfossen. I visited Kjelfossen several times, once May 5th (2015) and there was hardly any flood in the river and Kjelfossen was hard to see. You can see the difference between the Kjelfossen in June/July (first 5 pictures) and the Kjelfossen in May (last 3 pictures).

Best time to visit Kjelfossen is late noon or in summertime in the evening just before the sundown when the color of the sun turns red, photographing towards the east. A certainty for a good picture of the marvelous Kjelfossen.

When driving to the top of the famous Stalheimskleiva (Tip!) you also have a good view on Kjelfossen (fifth and sixth picture), although it is from a distance. Nevertheless you will be rewarded with a good view on 3 waterfalls: Stalheimsfossen, Sivlefossen and Kjelfossen.

Beside Stalheimsfossen, Sivlefossen and Kjelfossen there are many other great waterfalls nearby: Brekkefossen, Rjoandefossen, Kjosfossen, Kardalsfossen, Tunnshello, Myrdalsfossen, TvinnefossenSkjervefossenSkarvefossen but also all the waterfalls in the Naeroyfjorden and Aurlandsfjorden. To many to mention them all.

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About Kjelfossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitSummer

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