Tuftofossen, Naeroyfjord, Sogn og FjordaneTuftofossen is an unknown and unnamed waterfall in the river Tufteelvi which ends in the Næroyfjord. With a total height of 680 meters, the small village in front of the fall and a good view on the several cascades (from a distance) this waterfall is ready to take pictures from. Tuftofossen is fed by several small lakes on the Vardafjellet, which goes on to an altitude of 1470 meters.

Tuftofossen can only be reached/viewed by boat when going through the Næroyfjord. From Aurland-Flam there is ferry going through the Næroyfjord to Undredal and Gudvangen. It takes two hours with the ferry to get from Flam to Gudvangen. Other possibility is to rent a canoe.

I visited the Næroyfjord once by ferry. You can departure from Flåm or from Gudvangen. It doesn’t matter much where to start from, oneway trip time is appr. 1h 45min. We departed from Flåm. There are many companies offering boat trips but we took the slow (old) ferry boat of LustraBaatane. It was cheap (compared) to other boats, personal was very friendly and there was a big deck from where we could enjoy all waterfalls in the Næroyfjord. Prices (oneway) for 2019 are 295 NOK and 200 NOK for children. More information can be found on: LustraBaatane.com.

Unfortunately the weather was not very good when the ferry turned into the Næroyfjord. The first major waterfall you meet in the Næroyfjord is Lægdafossen (Sagfossen) at the right side of the fjord. The waterfall was covered with clouds and it was slightly raining. Nevertheless we enjoyed the trip very much. This was an experience you have to face.

The Næroyfjord is a very narrow fjord and is a side arm of one of the deepest fjords in the world, the Sognefjord. Going through the Næroyfjord you can view several unnamed and named waterfalls like the Odnesfossen and the Styvefossen.

Tuftofossen is an unofficial named waterfall and I really don’t know why it can’t be found on map.

Note: if you go by ferry one way and you were by car, you have to take the bus back. I can remember we had to wait over 1 hour before the bus departed!!!!

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About Tuftofossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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Odnesfossen 5 km
Kjelfossen 6 km
Styvefossen 8 km
Huldafossen 13 km