The Klausbachfall is a waterfall west of Obervellach in the region Kärnten, Austria. The Klausbachfall is a waterfall in the river Klausbach and is an official named waterfall.

The river Klausbach finds it origin at a small lake called Bodensee (not to be confused with the big Bodensee in Vorarlberg) at an altitude of 2.191 meters. The lake and the Klausbachfall is being fed by rainwater an melted snow from teh mountains above the Klausbachfall. The mountaintop Polinik is the highest top with a 2.784 meters.

To reach the Klausbachfall you have to follow a trail starting at the southside of Obervellach near the Launsberghütte. It is possible to park the car close to the waterfall. The last 300
meter is on road with no tarmac. There is parking for 3 cars on a corner where the foot path starts. There are signposts at the start.

From here the trails goes west, through the forrest, directly to the Klausbachfall. You will have nice views on the valley below The trail can be steep and there is a descend of almost 300 meter. The route has a few signs but there are moments of uncertainty!! Keep following the ‘red with white line’ markers.

The walk to the Klausbachfall is about 2.3 kilometer one way.

The Klausbachfall is a nice waterfall with a total height of appr. 60 meters. Best time to visit the Klausbachfall is early summer. The Klausbachfall falls towards the north, slightly north-northeast and it is difficult to say what the best daytime is to visit the Klausbachfall. I guess in the beginning of the morning.

In the direct area there are several POI and waterfalls worthwhile to visit: Rauchkoppffall, Polinikfall, Ragaschlucht, Groppensteinerfall and the Zechnerfall.

© Picture (taken in autumn) by Sam Smale

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About Klausbachfall

Best visitEarly summer

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Raggaschlucht wasserfall 2 km
Rauchkoppffall 3 km
Groppensteinerfall 3 km
Polinikfall 5 km
Fallbach wasserfall 19 km