Likholefossen is one of the many waterfalls in the river Eldalselva/Gaula with a height of 35 meter. Likholefossen is located along road 13 near Hov in the region Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.


July 2017 I visited the Førde area and was particularly on my way to Huldefossen. Suddenly I saw a sign “Likholefossen” along the road with a very nice parking area. I was not familiar with Likholefossen because I thought it was a small insignificant waterfall. I was glad I stopped to check out the waterfall.

Likholefossen-bridgeFrom the parking it a hundred meter until you reach a modern designed suspension bridge at the top of Likholefossen. Just above the waterfall you can feel the power of the river Eldalselva, 40 meter wide, plunging down over 35 meter into Litlevatnet.

Early summer until midsummer there is lot of melted snow and ice coming down from the Gaular mountains. Left and right of the Elsdalen there is a mountain plateau with height of 1.200-1.400 meter and a small glacier Jostefonni. Most of the year the river Gaula has a significant volume. In 1995 the volume reached a devastating amount of 1.318m3/sec. In the beginning of June the river Gaula has an average volume of 300 m3/sec which decreases to 100 m3/sec in July, which is still a lot of water. With warm and sunny weather the average volume can double!

The origin of the name is from the old days when some of the farms at the end of the valley couldn’t transport their dead ones to church in one day, they would then store the coffin underneath flagstones in the waterfall.

Førde and the surrounding of the Gaular river is called “waterfall country”. The waterfall road is the stretch from Gaularfjell mountains and Haukedalen along the watercourse down through Viksdalen to Sande and Bygstad. There is also a waterfall walk along the river Gaular. The waterfall walk goes from the Gaular mountains down to Viksdalen. Along its route there are 14 waterfalls and 7 lakes. It is a relatively easy hike with a height difference of approx. 500m and a total length of 21 km. The hike goes from Gaularfjell to Viksdalen via Eldal, Likholefossen, Longstølen and Torsnesstølen.

Huldefossen, HuldrefossenMany of the waterfalls are situated near or next to the road and you are able to drive right up to 29 of these waterfalls. Not all of these 29 waterfalls are very spectacular but the biggest waterfall is without a doubt Huldefossen.

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About Likholefossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
LocationHov, Eldalsdalen, Forde
RiverEldalselva, Gaula
Best visitEarly summer, summer

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