Lingvangsfossen, an extremely powerful waterfall in the river Lingvangselva which ends in the Hylsfjorden near Hylen in Rogaland. The waterfall is situated west of Hylen and must be visited by boat. From Suldal take road 13 to the northeast and after the tunnel take the turn to Hylen. Hopefully here you can rent a canoe or boat.

In summer the river Lingvangselva contains an average of 450 liter/s, a huge amount and therefore one of the most powerful waterfalls in Rogaland Norway. But probably the stream of the river reduces because of a power plant, so I am not convinced that the Lingvangsfossen is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Rogaland. I have also seen photo’s where the water stream of the river Lingvangselva is limited.

After some research I made I am afraid the Lingvangsfossen isn’t flowing anymore.

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About Lingvangsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitSummer

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