Markusfossen is a waterfall deep into the Signadalen in the north of Norway (Troms). The river Nedre Markuselv (Skurcojohka) drops down 80 meter in two stages and ends in the river Stordalselva.

August 2018 we decided to chase waterfalls in the northern parts of Norway. We started at Trondheim and ended in Troms. On the way we also made a detour to Markusfossen. I didn’t knew exactly what to expect. Markusfossen is an unofficial name but on the Internet the name Markusfossen shows up several times.

When driving on road E6, take the exit to the Signadalen (Fv321) at Oteren, but keep right. At the end of the road at Lokstad keep right again and cross the river to the south side. From here the road gets narrow and unpaved. Two kilometer before the parking the road is terrible with deep holes and you can see that this isn’t a popular road for cars. It looks like it is prohibited for cars and is only suitable for pedestrians. Nevertheless there is a small parking at the end of the road (gps 69.12088, 20.14493). The last part (600 meter) you have to walk along the river until you see Markusfossen.

Best view is from the trail. In front of Markusfossen there are no trees in front of you so you have a good view on the waterfall. A few meters down the trail you also can walk towards the river to see Markusfossen.

I think Markusfossen isn’t very special and only visiting only isn’t worthwhile the detour.

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About Markusfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RiverNedre Markuselv (Skurcojohka)
Best visitSummer

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