The Masonfall is high but tiny waterfall in the region Voralrberg, north of Braz along road E60. From the exit Braz you have to drive to the town center. From the church in the town Braz you can see two waterfalls. The biggest one is the Masonfall. In the right season the Masonfall is a nice looking waterfall, but in summertime there is hardly any water left in the river Masonbach.

From Innerbraz you have to go east, following the river. Then through the forrest (Gavadurawald), there should be signs. The walk should take about 1 hour. Last part of the walk could be a little bit steep.

Best time to visit the Masonfall is from late spring until early summer, in the afternoon. The Masonfall fall towards the southwest and is being fed by the Masonbach river. The Masonbach drops down over a cliff and ends 60 meters below.

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About Masonfall

Best visitLate spring-early summer

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