Nemouta waterfalls

(Καταρράκτης Νεμουτας)

The Nemouta waterfalls are a serie of gorgeous waterfalls in the village of Nemouta. The Nemouta waterfalls are located 42 km east of Pyrgos in the region western Greece.

Best way to see the main waterfalls is starting from the free parking at the bridge over the river Erymanthos in Elaia (gps 37.700663, 21.808754). The Nemouta waterfalls are not very well known and finding them is a challenge.

Nemouta waterfall trailThe trail isn’t signed so you have to know where to go. Start walking south along the river Erymanthos. Follow the dirt road for 250 meter until you reach a small stream coming from a canyon at your right hand. A small path runs along the river through a narrow gorge. After a few minutes you see the first waterfall. From the first waterfall it is another 10 minutes walking to reach the second waterfall. You can walk further upstream to see another two gorgeous but smaller waterfalls.

Walk back to the starting point at the dust road. Proceed walking to the south following the path to the big Nemouta waterfall. This is a 2 km walk but oh so beautiful: at gps (37.691414, 21.803952) you have to leaf the dust road waking into the canyon. From the big waterfall you can walk further to see another great waterfall. More information about the hikes can be found on Wikiloc.

The walk described is only part of a hike you can make along dozens of waterfalls. I forgot to mention that north of the parking there is also a nice waterfall in the river Erymanthos. You easily can spend a day visiting all waterfalls.

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About Nemouta waterfalls

CountryWaterfalls in Greece
RegionWestern Greece
LocationNemouta, Elaia
RiverX (Erymanthos river)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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