Sepetou waterfall

(Καταρράκτης Τσελεχοβίτικου Ρέματος)

The Sepetou waterfall is an unofficial named waterfall near the Sepetou monastery, south west of Alifeira (east of Pyrgos) in western Greece.

From the Sepetou monastery a small dust road runs south. There is a fence and it is possible to ask if they want to open it. Follow the road south until you see the Sepetou waterfall in the distance but you can get closer at the waterfall. You can download the gpx file at Wikiloc.

The river Alfios drops down over a cliff and after a rainy period the waterfall can become pretty wide.

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About Sepetou waterfall

CountryWaterfalls in Greece
RegionWestern Greece
LocationAlifeira, Sepetou Monastery
Best visitSpring

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