Neunbrunnen wasserfall


The Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall) is an exceptional waterfall near Großkirchheim/Döllach in the region Kärnten, Austria.

From Großkirchheim/Döllach drive into the Ziknitztal until you reach the base of the Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall). From the parking lot you already see the beautiful Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall).

The Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall) is an exceptional waterfall being fed directly out of the mountain. Neunbrunnen means nine sources. The Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall) is being fed out of nine holes in the mountain.

There is also a legend about Neunbrunnen: An earthquake in 1348 caused a massive landslide on neighboring Mohar (a mountain that was told to be higher than the Grossglockner). The landslide buried a church of Maria-Dollach and a dragon that had been sighted several times near Dollach.

After some time, a loud rumble was heard on the rock wall at the entrance of Zirknitztales. When looking closer they saw eight holes from which every now and then the claws of the dragon could be seen. Finally a ninth hole appeared for the scaly tail of the dragon. When the rumbling finally disappeared, water flowed out of the holes and the Neunbrunnen waterfall was “born”.

Best time to visit the Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall) is early summer until summertime. Because the Neunbrunnen wasserfall (Schleierfall) falls towards the northwest, the best daytime to visit the waterfall is the second part of the afternoon.

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About Neunbrunnen wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
RiverX (Knappenloch)
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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