Reiårsfossen is one of the highest and most impressive waterfalls is the region Aust Agder, Norway. The waterfall is situated at a parking (along road Rv9) near the town Ose at the Byglandsfjorden.

From the parking you already have a good view on Reiårsfossen. For taking a good picture a clear view is essential, but trees and telephone lines disrupts a good view. It is possible to walk closer to Reiårsfossen.

From the parking there is a small path going to the edge of the forrest. It looks like you are walking away from Reiårsfossen. At the trees there is a path taking you to the base of the waterfall and river. Here the view is much better. Beware of the mosquito’s, there where thousands of them.

Reiårsfossen has a total drop of 180 meters and is fed by a big lake, the Store Reiårsvatn at an altitude of 517 meters. From Ose there is a tollroad leading to the top of Reiårsfossen. From here you will have a beautiful view on the fjord.

The volume of Reiårsfossen differs from season to season. Best time to visit Reiårsfossen is probably in springtime or early summer. The first two pictures are taken June 2003 with an analog camera and the rest of the pictures of Reiårsfossen are taken July 2016.

The name Reiårsfossen is diverted from an old legend: one of the workmen’s sons, Reiår (old spelling for Reidar), had fallen in love with a farm girl in Ose. To have her, the farmer had the condition that he should ride over the top of the falls three times. He did this, but the legend goes on to say that he wanted to take one more trip over the falls in honor of his upcoming wedding. This fourth trip, however, had fatal consequences, and both the horse and Reiår fell down and died.

There are a few other waterfalls near Reiårsfossen that are worthwhile to visit. The most beautiful one is called Gloppefossen and is located 48 kilometer to the north on road Rv9. Close to Gloppefossen there is a smaller but nice waterfall Edansfossen.

Beside visiting waterfalls there are a lot of thing you can do in the Setesdal.  Hiking, biking and fishing are very popular and more information can be found on the website of VisitNorway.

Opposite of the waterfall there is a small camping and hostel called «Reiårsfossen Camp Setesdal«. A nice base to explore the area of Setesdal.

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About Reiarsfossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionAust Agder
Best visitSpring-early summer

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