Skradinski buk

(Krka falls)

National Park Krka: Skradinski BukKrka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) is a waterfall not far from Sibenik, near a hamlet called Skradin in Central Dalmatia, Croatia. If people talk about the Krka waterfalls they normally mean Skradinski Buk. But the Krka National Park consists out of a dozen waterfalls in the river Krka over a length of 74 kilometers. The one nearest to the coast is Skradinski Buk.

From Sibenik there are signs (Krka National Park) along the road heading to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk), which are a few kilometers Northeast of Sibenik. When driving on highway there is an exit heading to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk). Buk means cascade and soon you will find out why….

The road to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) ends at a big parking lot near Lozovac, the biggest main entrance to the Krka National Park. The waterfalls are very popular by tourists and is one of the main attractions in Croatia. At the parking lot you have to buy a ticket for the entrance of the park. With the ticket you can take the bus heading to the bottom of the canyon or walk 875 meters to the waterfalls of the Krka river. The temperatures were over 33C so we took the bus. Don’t be to late to visit the the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) because it really can be extremely crowded in the high season.

When arriving at the river Krka there are a few things you can do:
* Take a boat ride to a waterfall upstream the river Roski slap.
* Walk the Skadinski Buk trail (1900 meters) leading you around the most amazing spots, rapids, waterfalls and gorgeous flora and fauna. I even saw a little water snake, very tiny but appr. 2 meters or more long.
* Walk directly to the swimming area of Skradinski Buk in 10 minutes….or more, because on the way to the waterfall you will have several amazing viewpoints on small but beautiful rapids or waterfalls down in the river.

National Park Krka: Skradinski BukActually the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) is not one waterfall but a series of cascades short after each other. The highest single drop is the one at the swimming area and is 12 meters high (measured with a laser height meter). The total (visible) height of all falls is 24 meters. I am not sure what the total descend is of all waterfalls but it must be over 40 meters.

At the base of the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) there is a terrific spot where you can swim just in front of the waterfall or under the bridge in front of the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk). I think, I am sure this is the best swimming spot at a waterfall I ever visited. Only thing was that it was very crowded.

From the swimming spot it is also possible to do follow the trail (a round trip) in 60 minutes. That is what I did, a must to do! The trail is not very difficult but not suitable for wheelchairs and people having problems with walking.

The Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) are fed by the river Krka. The source of the river Krka can be found near Knin, 74 kilometers upstream from Skradinski Buk. The road from Skradin to Knin is marvelous with many sideways to viewpoints with waterfalls.

Best time to visit the the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) is the rainy season, normally the fall or early winter but I was there in summertime and the falls where marvelous with enough water and power in the river. A week before it rained much, so I was lucky. In wintertime the river Krka swells to a might and powerful river and the water level can be 1 meter higher.

All major waterfalls in the Krka National Park, from up- to downstream, are: slap KrčićBilušića bukslap Brljana, slap ManojlovacSlap RošnjakSlap Miljackaslap Roški and finally Skradinski Buk.

2 thoughts on “Skradinski buk

  • 4 July 2020 at 18:23

    Very useful info,thanks.Only a question-can you swim freely everywhwre or there are restricted areas?Thanks in advance

  • 5 July 2020 at 19:07

    When we were there you only could swim right in front of Skradinski Buk. Over the bridge, in front of the waterfall, there is a green spot from where you have access to the water. It wasn’t allowed to go very close to the drops, you had to stay a few meters away. There were lifeguards watching over the area.

    I can imagine circumstances are now different and that is a lot less crowded then in the past few years.


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About Skradinski buk

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
RegionCentral Dalmatia
LocationSibenik/Lozovac/Skradin (Krka National Park)
Height12m +45m
Best visitFall, early winter

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