Salto de Pich

Salto de Pich is one of the more unknown waterfalls near Torla in Parque National de Ordesa, Spain. Most people drive directly to one of the most beautiful walks along the river Arazas. There is also a left turn, before the park entry, to valle de Bujaruelo.

The road ends at Refugio de Bujaruelo. From here you have to walk to Salto de Pich. From the parking it is a 3-3,5 kilometer walk (1 hour). Only thing to do is follow the river Ara, cross it at Puente de Oncins (an ancient stone bridge) and follow the trail until you see Salto de Pich. On the way you will some nice small rapids/waterfalls in the river.

Salto de Pich is about 60 meter high and ends in the river Ara.


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About Salto de Pich

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
LocationTorla-Parque National de Ordesa
RiverBarranco salto de Pich (Rio Ara)

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