Schildbach wasserfall


The Schildbach wasserfall (or Schilbachfall) is a waterfall 3 kilometers south of the Felbertauern tunnel along road 108 in the region Tirol, Austria. The lower Schildbach wasserfallis visible from the main road and in summertime (when the volume is on its maximum) good to see.

To see the Schildbach wasserfall closer you have to walk into the Schildbachtal. North of the river Schildbach the trail goes up to the Schildalm and the Schildbach wasserfall.

Here you will see the river Schildbach cascading down the mountains creating 4 major plunges. But all plunges are to far away from each other to see the Schildbach wasserfall as one big waterfall.

The lower Schildbach wasserfall is about 20 meters high and can be reached in a few minutes.

The Schildbach wasserfall falls towards the northeast-east and best can be visited in the morning in the (early) summertime.

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About Schildbach wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Height20m +200m
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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