Sivlefossen is one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Norway located north of the village Voss in the region Hordaland.

One of the things you have to do when staying near Voss is to visit the Stalheim hotel at Stalheim. To go there take road 16 to Gudvangen and take the exit (Stalheimsvegen) to the Stalheim hotel before entering the Tunnel. At the top you will have a good view on the surrounding and on Kjellfossen in a distance. It is quit touristic (shop in the hotel) but nice to see. There is also an open air museum, the Stalheim Folk Museum, only open for hotel guests.

When driving down the famous Stalheimskleiva (Tip!), a road with so many curves, you will have a good view on Stalheimsfossen and Sivlefossen. In every curve you will see either the Sivlefossen or Stalheimsfossen.

It can be very crowded with cars and busses, with any luck you can stop at a pocket to admire the beautiful Sivlefossen. From one of the last curves you can walk a 100 meters towards Sivlefossen where you will have the best view: not recommended with children, because it can be hazardous.

I think it is even possible to walk almost all the way to the base of the Sivlefossen from the parking lot at the end of the Stalheimskleiva. Walk back to the Stalheimskleiva and cross the bridge again. Here you have to turn right walking to the river which lead to the the Sivlefossen.

Sivlefossen waterfall is named after a farm: Sivle Gard, nowadays a bed and breakfast.

The Sivlefossen is a very powerful waterfall in the river Brekkedalselvi near Stalheim, at the Stalheimskleiva (road) in the region Hordaland. The Sivlefossen thunders down over 160 meters (measured with a laser height meter. Probably the Sivlefossen is a little bit higher if you count in the few cascades at the top. The Sivlefossen is fed by numerous very small glaciers and lakes on an altitude of 1100-1400 meters.

Best time to visit the Sivlefossen is June-early July. I was at the Sivlefossen may 4th 2015 and there was quite a lot water in the Sivlefossen but compared with the pictures I took, years ago in July, the volume is much lower. The first three pictures are taken in July and the last ones in May.

When taking pictures you will photograph towards the northwest. Best time to go to Sivlefossen is in the morning or midday.

Beside of a nice view on Kjelfossen, it is also possible to see the even so powerful waterfall, Stalheimsfossen. At the end of driving down the Stalheimskleiva, just after the river crossing and before entering road 16 there is a parking lot. Park the car and walk along the river (5 minutes – 900 meters) until you see the impressive Stalheimsfossen.

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About Sivlefossen

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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