Slap Beri

Slap Beri is a nice waterfall in the west of Slovenia near Tolmin. In a beautiful surrounding a tiny stream of the river Godiča plunges down over 2 stages with a total height of 36 meters.

Starting point of the trail to Slap Beri is the bridge in the little town Poljubinj. In Poljubinj go right at a tree with a wooden sign. Soon you reach a bridge and a small parking ( gps 46.181310, 13.756193).

From here you have to follow the river Godiča upstream. Further on there should be a sign for slap Beri. The walk takes about 25 minutes.

Slap Beri is beautiful waterfall with a total height of 36 meters.(two drops of appr. 22 + 14 meter). It looks less higher, but I hope to find out very soon. The water drops in a small pool, perfect spot for a picnic and refreshment at warm days. The walk is easy and also suitable for children.

Picture Slap Beri by Lorenzo Magis/

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About Slap Beri

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
Best visitSpring - Autumn

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