The Steinerfall is an unknown but huge waterfall near Matrei in Osttirol (Prosseggklamm) in Tirol, Austria.

When heading to the Umbalfall the Steinerfall showes up from the Felbertauernstrasse at Matrei in Osttirol. The waterfall is situated at the end of the Prosseggklamm but can be viewed from street level or from the village Matrei in Osttirol. I have seen pictures from the Prosseggklamm with a good view on the waterfall, so that should be an option.

I am not sure why the Steinerfall isn’t mentioned on maps because it is one of the higher and more powerful waterfalls in Austria. I visited the Steinerfall twice, in july 2014 and august 2015. Both times the Steinerfall had a significant volume.

There is not an official name for the waterfall but because it is a waterfall in the river Steinerbach it is quit logical to name it the Steinerfall. The Steinerfall is being fed with melted snow and ice from the mountains around the Grossglockner, the Muntanitz. The high volume of the Steinerfall can be explained, because there are a few small glaciers feeding the Steinerbach. When I was at the Steinerfall in august 2015 it was the warmest summer ever with weeks of temperatures above 30C. To warm for a firm walk, even in the alps.

Nevertheless the Steinerfall is in my top 20 of most impressing waterfalls in Austria.

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About Steinerfall

LocationMatrei in Osttirol-Prosseggklamm
Best visitSummer

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