Storefossen (Geirangerfjorden)


Storefossen or Storfossen is a tall, but low volume waterfall at the end of the Geirangerfjorden, near Hellesylt in the region More og Romsdal.

There is actually only one way to see Storefossen and that is from the ferry Geiranger-Hellesylt. The way along the fjord and waterfall lies underneath the waterfall in a tunnel…

 Storefossen and LjofossenBut taking the ferry into the Geirangerfjorden is one of the most amazing things I have ever done. It is so beautiful and there are so many waterfalls. Leaving from Hellesylt you see two waterfalls at the left side when the boat turns right into the Geirangerfjorden. The long stretched waterfall on the left is Storefossen and the waterfall on the right is Ljofossen.

The ferry isn’t very cheap (360 NOK roundtrip) but it is its money worthwhile. The ferry goes frequently and can be crowded. If you want a good spot (with a chair) on the deck, go standing in front of the line and take a chair on the right side (when leaving from Geiranger). Best views are from at the right side of the fjord. A ferry timetable can be found on the website of visitflam.

Storefossen is being fed by melted snow from the Ytstedalen with the mountain Kvitegga (1.489m) at the end. Probably end of the summer season the waterfall can run dry.

There is not that much to say about Storefossen but it is an official named waterfall with a height of appr. 600 meter, the highest waterfall in the Geirangerfjorden.

It always nice to know which waterfalls there are in the Geirangerfjorden. From Geiranger the first waterfall you see at the right side (after the camping site) is Gjerdefossen.

A little bit further at the right side you will see Bringefossen. Here you already can see Dei Sju Systrene (Seven Sisters waterfall). Look at the right side of the top of the waterfalls. Here you can see the Knivsfla farm(s). On the other side of the Fjord you can see Friaren waterfall (also called Skågeflafossen).

Sju Systre, Seven Sisters, Dei Sju SeistreneAfter Dei Sju Systrene you will see  Brudesløret (Bridal veil) and on the opposite side of the Geirangefjorden, Ljosurfossen. There are still many named and unnamed waterfall in the Geirangerfjorden but these are the significant ones.

Off cause at Hellesylt you will see the Hellesyltfossen. After the ferry arrives in Hellesylt you still have 10 minutes to visit the waterfall.

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About Storefossen (Geirangerfjorden)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionMøre og Romsdal
LocationHellesylt, Geirangerfjord
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Ljofossen 2 km
Hellesyltfossen 6 km
Brudesløret (Geirangerfjorden) 18 km
Ljosurfossen 18 km
Marsanafossen 21 km

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