Uracher Wasserfall

Uracher wasserfallThe Uracher Wasserfall is a 37 meter high single drop waterfall near Bad Urach in the region Baden-Württemburg, Germany. In total the Uracher Wasserfall is 85 meter high.

From Stuttgart it is a 45 kilometer drive (45 minutes). In weekends the Uracher wasserfall is a popular day trip. I visited the Uracher wasserfall the first of May 2019 (day of in Germany) and it was quite busy on thw roads to Bad Urach (traffic jam). Fortunately I stayed in Bad Urach in the nice Bischoff’s hotel.

From train station Bad Urach waserfall it is an easy walk of 2 kilometer along the river Brühlbach, also suitable for children. There are three parkings, all near the train station Bad Urach wasserfall called P23 Maisental. The nearest parking is at the last one at gps 48.495150, 9.372413. I think parking is for free.

Uracher wasserfallI approached the waterfall from the top and I parked my car along road K6708, sic kilomter southeast of Bad Urach. This is the road that is going to Würtingen. There is an official parking “Wanderparkplatz Eppenzillfelsen” at gps 48.477213, 9.373371. This walk (to the top of the Urachter Wasserfall) took me less then 15 minutes. A nice walk through the forrest but there are nog signs for the waterfall so I used my gps/online map.

At the top there is a sort of restaurant where you can buy some beverages. On the way to the bottom there are so many beautiful viewpoints, so take your time.

Best time to visit the Uracher Wasserfall is in spring when snow starts melting or after heavy rainfall. In that period the volume can increase from 70 l/sec to 240 l/sec.

The source of the Uracher Wasserfall lies in a karstic spring only a few hundred meters up from the waterfall.

The area is popular for hiking and a walk to another waterfall, the Gütersteiner wasserfall is an option. This is a 2 kilometer walk form the bottom of the Uracher wasserfall.

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About Uracher Wasserfall

LocationBad Urach / Reutlingen
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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