Wimbachklamm wasserfall

Wimbachklamm - BerchtesgadenThe Wimbachklamm wasserfälle are multiple waterfalls in a small but gorgeous gorge near Ramsau (Berchtesgaden) in the region Bayern, Germany.

There are signs pointing to the Wimbachklamm and from the main road 305 the sign points to a big parking (payed) near a restaurant. There is also a public toilet building at the parking.

The road to the Wimbachklamm wasserfälle ascends directly and after a while you have to pay admission (a coin).  I think we payed €2,50 (with a guest card €2) for an adult. 
After going through the gate the surrounding is astonishing. First a little bit higher waterfall drops down (30-40 meter?) Not very powerful but nice to see. Further down the gorge there are some small waterfalls in the main river that are more powerful but the maximum drop is 3 meter.

Now you arrive at the end of the gorge, the absolute highlight and the most beautiful part of the gorge: many streams drop down the mountain wall which are partially covered with moss. So beautiful to see. I think I spend over 15 minutes taking pictures, very photogenic.

At the end you have to descend (with some steep parts) to the car park again. The roundtrip took us 45 minutes and the most difficult part was the road back (some steep parts, but the road is good).

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About Wimbachklamm wasserfall

Best visitEarly summer

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