Sulzer wasserfall

There are several drops/cascades in the Almbachklamm which together are named the Almbachklamm wasserfall. The Almbachklamm is three kilometers long with a total descent of appr 160-200 meters, but in general the drops are small.

There are several emerald pools with small waterfalls and the Almbachklamm looks gorgeous to me.

Nevertheless there are one or two big waterfalls falling into the Almbachklamm from aside and the highest one is called the Sulzer wasserfall and 118 meters high. The Sulzer wasserfall is on the right somewhere before the end of the gorge.

The Almbachklamm wasserfall is located north of Oberstein along road 305 in the region Bayern, Germany. There are sign for the parking and the entrance fee is a few euros. From the parking you can spend easily 2-3 hours of enjoying all that beauty.

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About Sulzer wasserfall

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