Sulzer wasserfall

Almbachklamm - Sulzer wasserfallThe Sulzer wasserfall is part of the Almbachklamm, a gorge with multiple waterfalls. The Almbachklamm is located near Marktschellenberg in the region Bayern, Germany.

From Salzburg or from Bad Reichenhall (where we stayed) it is a perfect place to visit. Near the Almbachklamm, along the road, there are many signs, so it can’t miss. From the main road 305 take the exit to the parking. After the exit go left to the big parking (gps 47.670318, 13.031597). There is a nice restaurant at the beginning of the Almbachklamm en there are public toilets at the parking.

You have to pay admission for the Almbachklamm, in 2022 this was €6 for an adult (with a guest card it is €5). The walk is easy and a roundtrip (to the Sulzer wasserfall and back) took us 80 minutes. It is also possible to walk further.

There are several drops/cascades in the Almbachklamm which together are named the Almbachklamm wasserfälle.The Almbachklamm is three kilometers long with a total descent of appr 160-200 meters, but in general the drops are small. The first waterfall you see (from a tributary) is taller, I think 40-50 meter, but it is a low volume stream.

There are several emerald pools with small waterfalls and the Almbachklamm is gorgeous. At the end (at least our end of the walk) one of the tallest waterfalls of Germany drops down, the Sulzer wasserfall with a height of 118 meter.  The Sulzer wasserfall is a remarkable and photogenic waterfall with multiple cascades and a a second stream that creates a distinct shape.

The Sulzer wasserfall is also a perfect spot for a lunch and perfect place where children can play in the pond in front of the waterfall. Without a doubt the Sulzer wasserfall is the highlight of all the Almbach wasserfälle and of the hike that we made that day. 

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