The Zwillingsfall is a high waterfall further in the Gossgraben, a valley that follows the river Gossbach near Koschach (Maltatal) in the region Kärnten, Austria.

From Koschach an amazing trail begins starting with an awesome waterfall the Gossfalle. The trail along the Gossbach leads to numerous waterfalls like Walkerfall, Ritteralmfall and finally (almost at the end of the valley) the Zwillingsfall at an altitude of 1.300 meters.

The Zwillingsfall is a high waterfall of appr 140 meters, maybe even higher. Two stream join each other creating two waterfalls with a falling direction to each other, nice to see! Unfortunately you only can enjoy from a distance.

From Koschach it is a 8,5 kilometer walk ascending 450 meters. The walk should take 3-4 hours, maybe more when taking time to photograph all the waterfalls on the way to the Zwillingsfall.

Other great waterfall in the Maltatal are: Gössfälle, FallbachfallHinterer MaralmfallMelnikfallSchleierfall and the Fallbach wasserfall.

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About Zwillingsfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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Gossfalle 10 km
Fallbach wasserfall 11 km

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