Vodopadi Kozice

(Slapovi Kozice)

Vodopadi Kozice (or Slapovi Kozice) are several waterfalls near Kozica and Dragačići, north of Fojnica, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From Sarajevo take road A1 to the west and then road M5 to Kiseljak. After Kiseljak take road R438 to Fojnica. In Fojnica go north to Lučice and further to Dragačići. I am not sure but I think you have to park the car here and then walk further for 1,7 kilometer until you reach a path going to the river Kozice.

Here ( a little bit to the right) you are near the 20 meter high waterfall of Kozice. There are several other small ones in the river and that is why it is called Vodopadi Kozice.

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About Vodopadi Kozice

CountryWaterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
LocationKozica, Dragačići, Fojnica
Best visitSpring

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