Cascade du Gietro

(Cascade de Giétroz)

Cascade du Gietro is probably the highest waterfall in Switzerland with a total drop of 560 meter. Cascade du Gietro emerge at the foot of the glacier du Gietro. From the foot of the glacier the waterfall plunges down over several stages with heights of 10-15 meter. I think the drop directly from the glacier is bigger and is also the nicest one. The waterfall ends in Lac du Mauvoisin.

Cascade du Gietro isn’t hard to find. From Sion drive to Martigny (road 9) and take exit 22. Follow road 21 and in Sembrancher go left to Mauvoisin. Follow the road for 23 kilometer until you reach the end, a nice looking parking area.

From the parking it si a firm walk up to the dam at lac du Mauvoisin. From the dam you see several small waterfalls dropping down but also the last drop of Cascade du Gietro. There is a path going to the base of the waterfall where you can see more of the waterfall. It looks like it that it even runs up to the glacier.

At the opposite side of Cascade du Gietro another gorgeous waterfall is thundering down, but this waterfall has no name. It looks like a karstic waterfall where the water is coming out of the mountain.

The glacier Gietro or Gietroz is lying at the west side of the mountain Mont Blanc de Cheilon with a height of 3.870 meter.

It is possible to walk around lac du Mauvoisin, but this is a day tour with an elevation of 900 meter.


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About Cascade du Gietro

LocationLac du Mauvoison, Fionnay
RiverGlacier du Gietro

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