(Zechnerfall, Groppenstein schlucht)

The Groppensteinerfall and Zechnerfall are waterfalls in the gorge Groppensteiner schlucht in the Hohentauern national park near a town called Obervellach in the region Kärnten, Austria.

The Groppensteinerfall and also the Zechnerfall is a beautiful waterfall in the river Mallnitzbach fed by melted snow from the mountains of the Hohe Tauern national park with mountain peaks of 3.360 meters (Hochalmspitze) and a little bit further the Grossglockner with a height of 3.798 meters. There are still several small glaciers in the national park Hohe Tauern, most of the time a certainty for powerful waterfalls.

The Groppensteinerfall is about 50 meters high and is a series of cascades. Further on the trail you will find a nice waterfall with one nice single drop called the Zechnerfall (15 meters).

Best season to visit the Groppensteinerfall and Zechnerfall is early summer and summertime. The Groppensteinerfall is falling towards the south-southeast and the Zechnerfall is more falling towards the south, maybe southwest. When taking pictures the best time to visit the Groppensteinerfall and Zechnerfall is from late in the morning until late noon.

Access to the Groppensteiner schlucht is possible from Räuflach, west of the junction between the roads 105 and 106. The trail is longer then just to both waterfalls and leads to another gorge called Rabischschlucht. There are several nice viewpoint on the trail and after 900 meters you will first reach the biggest waterfall Groppensteinerfall with a nice view from above.
The trail keeps on going up. After 1.200 meters you will reach the Zehnerfall after a ascend of appr 150 meters.
The whole trail takes about 3-4 hours ending in Mallnitz but only visiting both waterfalls takes appr 50-60 minutes.

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About Groppensteinerfall

Best visitEarly summer-summer

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