Kalamaris waterfall

(Gialova waterfall, Καταρράκτης Καλαμάρης)

The Kalamaris waterfall (Gialova waterfall, Καταρράκτης Καλαμάρης) is a nice 10 meter high waterfall north of Gialova 

From Gialova drive north and soon take the exit right to Shinolaka. After 900 meter there is a (greek) blue traffic sign for the Kalamaris waterfall pointing to the right. Follow the dust road until it ends at an olive orchard. From here it is a 10-15 minute walk east until you reach the Kalamaris waterfall.

When there is enough water in the Kalamaris waterfall (Gialova waterfall) it is gorgeous and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Greece. In summertime the stream can be very small but still the scenery is gorgeous and very picturesque.

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About Kalamaris waterfall

RegionWestern Greece
LocationGialova, Schinolakka, Pylos
Best visitAfter rainy period