Lançot, Cascade du

(Cascade Dessoubre)

Cirque de Consolation (Val de Consolation) is actually a valley with several natural sources of water coming down a cave or from the karstic mountains. All sources flow in the 33 kilometer long river Dessoubre.

One of the natural sources (source du Lançot) creates a 47 meter high single drop waterfall called Cascade du Lançot or cascade du Cirque de Consolation. Cascade du Lançot can dry out in summertime but in December or March has the volume of the river a high peak. The average volume of the river Dessoubre is between 15,8 en 20,9 m3/s in the winter months. In summertime 6,41 m3/s.

There are another nice waterfall in cirque de Consolation, cascade de Dessoubre.

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About Lançot, Cascade du

RegionFranche Comte/Doubs
LocationCirque de Consolation (Val de Consolation)-Consolation-Maisonnet
Best visitMarch