PöllatfallThe Pöllatfall at schloss Neuschwanstein is special waterfall located under a huge suspension bridge (Marienbrücke) over the river Pöllat with a superb view on one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, schloss Neuschwanstein.

Before I went to the Pöllatfall at schloss Neuschwanstein I knew it was super touristic but still it surprised me. Busloads of people (and that outside the high season) where visiting the castle of Neuschwanstein.

From highway 7, between Kempten and Reutte it is only a short detour to the Pöllatfall at schloss Neuschwanstein. I think I drove a dozen times over this road on my way to wintersport in Austria. Never knew that I was that close to the castle and Pöllatfall.

In the high season it can be very busy on the road near schloss Neuschwanstein and in wintertime almost every weekend there is a traffic jam with people going on wintersport. End of April 2019 I had a little traffic jam on my way back but not that heavy.


I did some research and Parking 4 was nearby the pedestrian road that goes up to schloss Neuschwanstein. I had to pay € 6 for the parking… From the parking you have to walk up to the castle on a crowded path that goes (a little steep) up. It took me 20 minutes walking up before I was at the entrance of schloss Neuschwanstein. There is also a buss going to the Marienbrücke, near the entrance of the castle (easy 10 minute walk). I am not sure if you have to pay extra for the buss but there where so many people waiting for the buss that walking is a good choice (and healthy)

Arrived at schloss Neuschwanstein I was a little disappointed. There where construction activities and the castle was less beautiful then I thought in advance. Nevertheless nice to see but maybe I expected to much. It was said this was the most beautiful and scenic castle in Germany.

To see the Pöllatfall clearly you have to go through the first gate. You don’t need a ticket at this point but there was a line for checking bags of all tourists. From the castle wall you hav a good view on the Pöllatfall in the distance. There is also a trail that runs down to the gorge but it was closed because it was to dangerous.

Off cause you also can decide to buy a ticket to enter the castle. Better buy these tickets in advance because the lines are very long.


Afterwards I walked to the huge suspension bridge (Marienbrücke) over the river Pöllat. The walk only takes 10 minutes and don’t forget to look behind. Here the view on schloss Neuschwanstein is so much better. Arrived at the bridge (Marienbrücke), it was so crowded. I had to wait 5 minutes in line before entering the bridge.

The view down on the Pöllatfall is breathtaking and you also have a very nice view on schloss Neuschwanstein.

The Pöllatfall is appr. 30 meter high and falls down in a scenic gorge where the river Pöllatfall tries to find its way further on to the Forggensee.

On my way back I choose the path via the toboggan run. A steep path through the forrest and in 15 minutes I was down at the parking again.

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