Schleierfall (Mittersill)

The Schleierfall is a powerful waterfall 12 kilometers south of Mittersill near Nassfeld in the region Salzburg, Austria. From Mittersill drive south on the Felbertauernstrasse (road 108) until there is an exit to the Hintersee. First you will drive by another superb waterfall Pembachfall. Drive further until you reach the end of the road at the Hintersee. Here you can park the car. A little bit further, walking past the Hintersee the Schleierfall shows up after a hike of 20 -30 minutes.

The Schleierfall is an impressive waterfall in the Hohe Tauern with a total single drop of 80 meters. In summertime when the temperatures are rising there is a lot of melted snow and ice to feed the flow of the Schleierefall (Tauernbach). The Schleierfall drops towards the north-northwest and best can be visited in the afternoon.

There are lots of other nice waterfalls that can be visited near the Schleierfall, the Pembachfall is one of those.

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