Stegafossen (Jordalen)

The Stegafossen is a powerful waterfall in the river Slettedalselvi (Jordalselvi). The Stegafossen is located in the Jordalen, near Stalheim in the region Hordaland, Norway.

When driving between Stalheim and Gudvangen on road E16 there is a left turn into the Jordalen. It is a narrow road in a gorge with several tunnels.

Before the second tunnel you will see a powerful waterfall, the Stegafossen. But……when I was there in July 2016 they made a new tunnel and I couldn’t find the waterfall anymore. There was no possibility to do research because of the construction site.

The Stegafossen has a single drop of appr 40 meters, but it looks higher (on pictures). The Stegafossen is being fed by melted snow/ice form several small glaciers in the Jordalen going all the way to the Fresvikbreen.

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About Stegafossen (Jordalen)

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