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It is quite a dilemma how to list the top 10 biggest waterfalls in Iceland. There aren’t accurate figures about the water flow of many big waterfalls. I know that there are a few rivers with a high volume of water. All of them with the source at a glacier, but the waterfalls in those rivers are more big rapids. The Urriðafoss is one of those high volume rapids.

I will only count in waterfalls with a drop over 10 meter combined with waterfalls with a visual high volume. So this is my top 10 of biggest waterfalls in Iceland"

Nr 1 biggest waterfall in Iceland:
Dettifoss - 500 m3/sec


3. Gullfoss

Reykholt, Suðurland

Vatnsleysu​foss - Faxi

4. Vatnsleysufoss (Faxi)

Hrunamannahreppur, Suðurland

Skogafoss waterfall, Southern Iceland

5. Skogafoss

Skógar, Suðurland

Goðafoss (Godafoss)

6. Goðafoss

Fosshóll, Norðurland

7. Árbæjarfoss

Hella, Suðurland

8. Gygjarfoss

Suðurhraun, Suðurland


9. Gufufoss

Egilsstaðir, Austurland

Dynjandi waterfall

10. Dynjandi

Dynjandisvogur, Vestfirðir