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Iceland is special and unique when it comes to beauty. Without a doubt, the waterfalls of Iceland are among the most beautiful in the world. It is always nice when you can compile a “top 10 most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland” again.

Unfortunately, I have only been to Iceland once. That is also because it is an island and travelling in Iceland is not really cheap.

Enjoy my list "top 10 most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland"

Nr 1 most beautiful waterfall in Iceland:
Skogafoss ****

Skogafoss: Iceland's Majestic Curtain of Cascades - nr 1 "most beautiful waterfall in Iceland"

In the land of fire and ice, where every corner unveils a breathtaking spectacle, Skogafoss stands as a testament to Iceland's natural grandeur. Situated on the Skoga River in the southern part of the country, Skogafoss is a captivating waterfall that has etched itself into the hearts of travelers from around the globe.

Skogafoss is not just a waterfall; it's a force of nature. Cascading from a height of 60 meters and boasting a width of 25 meters, the falls create a mesmerizing curtain of water that plunges into a serene pool below. The constant roar of the water can be heard from a distance, drawing visitors closer to witness the sheer power and beauty of this Icelandic giant.

As with many natural wonders, Skogafoss is steeped in legend. According to local folklore, a chest of gold lies hidden behind the waterfall, placed there by the first settler of the Skoga area, Þrasi Þórólfsson. Although the treasure remains elusive, the allure of the legend adds a touch of mystery to the already enchanting atmosphere surrounding Skogafoss.

For those seeking a more adventurous encounter with Skogafoss, a staircase on the eastern side of the falls offers a climb to the top. The panoramic views from above are nothing short of spectacular, showcasing the surrounding landscapes of lush greenery and distant mountains. Climbing the staircase is not just a physical ascent; it's a journey into the heart of Iceland's untamed beauty.

Skogafoss is a dream come true for photographers. The interplay of sunlight and mist creates rainbows that dance in the air, providing endless opportunities for capturing stunning images. Whether bathed in the golden glow of the midnight sun or shrouded in the mist of a moody day, Skogafoss never fails to mesmerize and inspire.

Access and Ambiance:

Conveniently located near the Ring Road, Skogafoss is easily accessible, making it a must-visit for travelers exploring Iceland's southern region. The ambiance around the falls is both serene and invigorating, inviting visitors to linger and absorb the beauty of this natural masterpiece.

In the realm of Icelandic waterfalls, Skogafoss stands tall as an iconic symbol of the country's rugged beauty. Its powerful cascade, rich legends, and accessibility make it a must-see destination for nature lovers, photographers, and adventurers alike. As the waters of Skogafoss continue to weave their magic, they remind us of the timeless allure and untamed spirit of Iceland.

Introduction to my "top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland"

Iceland, a land of breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders, is home to some of the world's most stunning waterfalls. With its glaciers, volcanic terrains, and pristine rivers, Iceland offers a unique canvas for nature's masterpieces. Let's embark on a journey to discover the most beautiful waterfalls in this Nordic wonderland.

Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Haifoss

2. Haifoss ****

Stöng, Suðurland


3. Dettifoss ****

Húsavík, Norðurland

Waterfalls in Iceland: Seljalands​foss

4. Seljalandsfoss ****

Hvolsvöllur, Suðurland

Haifoss: The High and Mighty

Haifoss, standing tall at 122 meters, is one of Iceland's tallest waterfalls. Located in the rugged Icelandic Highlands, Haifoss is a true testament to the raw power of nature. The falls plunge into a deep gorge, creating a dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape. The journey to reach Haifoss involves traversing through rough terrains, adding an adventurous element to the experience.

As you chase waterfalls in Iceland, don't overlook these lesser-known treasures. From the remote beauty of Dynjandi to the historical charm of Systrafoss, each waterfall tells a unique story, inviting intrepid travelers to uncover the hidden wonders of this magical land.

Dettifoss: The Mighty Force

Dettifoss, located in the remote northeast of Iceland, is often hailed as the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Fed by the glacial waters of the Jokulsa a Fjollum river, Dettifoss is a force of nature, with a deafening roar and a powerful cascade that sends a constant mist into the air. The surrounding rocky landscape adds to the dramatic allure of this natural wonder.

Seljalandsfoss: The Enchanting Veil

Seljalandsfoss is not just a waterfall; it's an immersive experience. Situated along the southern coast of Iceland, this 60-meter high cascade is renowned for the unique opportunity it offers visitors—it's possible to walk behind the curtain of water. The surrounding greenery and the constant mist create an enchanting atmosphere, making Seljalandsfoss a photographer's dream.

Dynjandi waterfall

5. Dynjandi ****

Arnarfjörður, Vestfirðir


6. Gulfoss ****

Reykholt, Suðurland

Waterfalls in Iceland: Litlanesfoss and Hengifoss

7. Hengifoss ****

Fljótsdalsheiði, Austurland

Dynjandi: The Jewel of the Westfjords

In the remote reaches of the Westfjords, Dynjandi reigns as the "Jewel of the Westfjords." This multi-tiered waterfall is a masterpiece, with a series of smaller falls leading to a grand, fan-shaped cascade at the bottom. The journey to Dynjandi takes you through a scenic landscape, enhancing the reward of discovering this hidden wonder. The sheer beauty and tranquility of Dynjandi make it a must-visit for those seeking a quieter Icelandic experience.

Gullfoss: The Golden Falls

Gullfoss, meaning "Golden Falls," is arguably Iceland's most famous waterfall. Located in the canyon of the Hvítá River in the southwest part of the country, Gullfoss is a two-tiered cascade that plunges dramatically into a rugged canyon. The name is derived from the golden hue that the glacial water often takes on, especially in the sunlight. Visitors can feel the raw power of nature as they witness the water rushing and plummeting into the abyss.

Hengifoss: The Towering Beauty

Located in East Iceland, Hengifoss is a captivating waterfall surrounded by vibrant red clay layers, creating a unique and mesmerizing sight. Standing at 128 meters, Hengifoss is one of Iceland's tallest waterfalls. The hike to reach this natural marvel takes you through stunning landscapes, including Litlanesfoss, a smaller waterfall framed by towering basalt columns. The combination of geological wonders and the impressive Hengifoss make it a photographer's paradise.



8. Systrafoss ****

Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Suðurland

Waterfalls in Iceland: Foss a Sidu

9. Foss a Sidu ****

Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Suðurland

Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Glymur waterfall

10. Glymur ****

Hvalfjörður, Vesturland

Systrafoss: The Sister's Secret

Tucked away in the town of Kirkjubaejarklaustur, Systrafoss, or "Sister's Falls," is a hidden gem with historical significance. Legend has it that two nuns lived in a convent nearby, and Systrafoss was named in their honor. The falls gracefully cascade down a lush canyon, creating a serene and picturesque scene. The surrounding greenery and the sense of solitude make Systrafoss a peaceful retreat for those in search of quiet beauty.

Foss a Sidu: The Hidden Oasis

Foss a Sidu, nestled in the remote Westfjords, is a hidden oasis of tranquility. Accessible by a scenic hike, this waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a serene atmosphere. The falls flow gently, creating a soothing melody that adds to the enchantment of the place. Foss a Sidu is a testament to the hidden treasures that Iceland has to offer for those willing to venture off the beaten path.

Glymur: The second Highest

Glymur proudly claims the title of Iceland's tallest waterfall, standing at an impressive 198 meters (650 feet). Nowadays it is the second highets waterfall of Iceland. Nestled in the Hvalfjordur fjord, Glymur is a captivating spectacle that commands attention with its sheer height and the thunderous roar of cascading water. The falls are surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush greenery, creating a harmonious blend of raw power and natural beauty.