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Since a few years there is a new "highest waterfall of Iceland". The reason for this is that glaciers are melting creating new tall waterfalls, like Morsárfoss. Difficult to reach and still unknown.

Probably I stay a little stubborn and I compose my list with the figures I have (from maps and visual determination). So don’t be surprised if my number one is an unknown, even unnamed waterfall!.

Enjoy my list "top 10 highest waterfalls of Iceland"

Nr 1 highest waterfall in Iceland:
Morsárfoss - 228 metre

Morsárfoss is the highest waterfall in Iceland and one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the country. Located in the North of Iceland, Morsárfoss is part of the Öxarfjördur Fjord and stands at an impressive height of 200 meters.

The waterfall is formed by the meltwater of the Morsárjökull glacier and cascades into the fjord below. Its thunderous roar can be heard from miles away and its beauty is unrivaled in the region. Visitors can appreciate the stunning view of the waterfall from the surrounding cliffs, as well as from nearby mountain tops.

Iceland is a fascinating country with a unique landscape, and it's no surprise that it's home to some of the world's most impressive waterfalls. From thundering giant cascades to hidden gems tucked away in remote valleys, Iceland offers a wide range of stunning waterfalls that are sure to take your breath away. 

There are many lists on the Internet with the highest waterfalls in Iceland. But such a list is by definition as debatable and part of many discussions. There are hardly any accurate (objective) figures available from which to derive the height of a waterfall. Anyway, the discussion is always, where does a waterfall begin and where does it end? What is the definition of one waterfall? So a difficult matter but I have composed a top 10 highest waterfalls in Iceland. I think myself it is quite accurate.
Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Glymur waterfall

2. Glymur - 198 metre

Hvalfjörður, Vesturland

3. Hemrufoss - 190 metre

Berufjordur, Austurland

4. Djúpavíkurfoss - 160 metre

Djúpavík, Vestfirðir

5. Bólugil - 140 metre

Varmahlíð in Skagafjörður, Norðurland vestra

6. Stigafoss - 140 metre

Skaftafell, Suðurland

Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Rjúkandi

7. Rjukandi - 139 metre

Jökuldalur, Austurland

Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Haifoss

8. Háifoss - 122 metre

Stöng, Suðurland

9. Ketubjorg - 120 metre

Dalshorn, Norðurland vestra

Top10 highest waterfalls in Iceland: Gluggafoss

10. Gluggafoss - 120 meter

Hvolsvöllur, Suðurland